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Technical One Theory

Technical One Theory is a distance learning course, offering an introduction to bike maintenance which can be completed at home or work, in your own time.

This online course is based on the theory elements of the full Cytech Technical One qualification. It gives you an opportunity to achieve Cytech Technical One in a more flexible way.

Once you have completed Cytech Technical One Theory you can simply upgrade to the full Cytech Technical One qualification by completing a short practical course or assessment with our Cytech training provider ATG Training.

Alternatively why not undertake the complete Cytech One course with PJCS, which combines theory and practical.

Cytech Technical One Theory is available to members of the public and cycle shop employees. Prices are listed below.

What does this course include?

The Cytech Technical One Theory distance learning course incorporates the following workshop skills and is managed and assessed by the Association of Cycle Traders directly.

• Health & Safety
• Workshop Practices
• British Standards EN 14764:2005
• Torque Wrenches
• Lubricants and Greases
• Pre-Delivery Inspection
• Tyres & Tubes
• Consumer Protection Act

Upon purchasing this course you will receive access to the Cytech Technical One Theory course website. You are provided with study documents covering all the sections above, giving you the information you need to answer the multiple choice questions that form the course.

How long does it take?

The course can be completed very quickly. Candidates have 60 days in which to complete and submit their answers to the 62 questions. The distance learning format enables candidates to develop their skills whilst completing the course.

What is the pass mark?

You must gain a minimum of 90% to pass the course. This means answering at least 56 of the 62 questions correctly.

What do I receive when I pass?

Candidates who pass the course will receive a Cytech Technical One Theory certificate of achievement.

Once a candidate passes the course they are eligible to take a practical course or assessment, enabling them to upgrade their accreditation to the full Cytech Technical One qualification. This can be done via our recognised  Cytech training provider ATG Training.

Course price

The Cytech Technical One Theory course costs £139.99.

Trade Prices

If you are a member of the cycle trade and you have ActSmart membership please click here to view the trade prices or contact us.  Please contact us before paying online to benefit from the trade prices. All online transactions will be charged the public price.

Click here for terms and conditions.

If you work in the cycle industry, wish to make a bulk purchase or have any other queries, please Contact us.

If you do not have regular access to the internet but would still like to take this course, a paper version is available. There is an additional cost of £49.99 due to the extra administration and materials involved. Please contact us for details.


The complete Cytech One course with PJCS